Oral Cancer: Symptoms And Risk Factor

Most people have heard of cancer that affects many parts of the body such as lungs, heart, etc. Cancer is defined as an uncontrollable growth of cells that cause damage to surrounding tissues. However, cancer can occur in the mouth also. Oral cancer or mouth cancer appears as a growth or sore in the mouth that does not go away. Oral cancer includes the cancer of lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, etc. The most common symptoms of oral cancer includes swelling or thickness, rough spots or eroded areas on the lips, gums and other areas inside the mouth.

It also includes the development of velvety white or red patches in the mouth. You can also find difficulty in chewing or swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw or tongue. According to the cancer society, men face twice the risk of developing oral cancer as women. Most cases of oral cancer are linked to tobacco and alcohol. If tobacco and alcohol are consumed together then the risk of developing oral cancer is even greater. If you are living in Staten Island, many top dentists in Staten Island that are experts in treating oral cancer. Oral cancer may become life threatening, if not diagnosed or treated earlier.