What Can you Do to Enhance your Brain Power?

Whether at work, at school or in your daily life, brain power is an important commodity. Who couldn’t benefit from a sharper memory, better focus and clearer thinking? The brain training industry has emerged from nowhere recently to turn into a billion dollar market. Sites like Lumosity have now ensured that terms like neuroplasticity and working memory are entrenched in our daily vocabulary. And while some people question the effectiveness of these tactics, there is a well-documented way to boost your brain power without having to spend hours reading or playing puzzle games online. What are some of the proven brain boosting techniques out there?

There are a few different definitions that we can use to quantify brain power; some will relate it to the concept of IQ while others use a neuropsychological term called “fluid intelligence.” You can think of fluid intelligence as your ability to learn; essentially it is the type of intelligence that allows you to develop additional intelligence by studying, remembering new facts, learning new skills, etc… It is a measure of your brain’s ability to adapt, change, communicate and ultimately store new memories. When it is easier for your brain to make these new connections, you have greater mental fluidity and therefore higher scores of fluid intelligence. This is the best measure for determining your brainpower.

So what can you do to increase this type of intelligence on a concrete level? If you have some idea of what neuroplasticity (synaptic plasticity) is, this is actually a very good way to think about fluid intelligence. The more plastic your brain is, the easier it can develop these new synapses in your brain, the more likely you are to remember information and be able to reasoning and analyze facts. In order to boost your plasticity, you have to have a few key ingredients: 1) healthy neurons that are functioning properly; 2) sufficient levels of neurotransmitters so that your neurons can signal each other; and 3) neuroreceptors that are sensitive to the chemical messages sent by other neurons.

Each of these three properties can be enhanced to improve brain power. Exercising and eating well is a great start to keeping your neurons healthy. But there are many additional nutrients that we can only get from supplements that have been proven very effective at raising brain power. These compounds are called nootropics. What is a Nootropic? According to Best Nootropics, “Nootropics are a class of cognitive enhancing supplements that improve concentration and boost memory.”

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Nootropics can work in a number of different ways, but they all must share one common feature: being neuroprotective and have very low incidence of side effects. While many so-called cognitive enhancement drugs can actually harm the brain, nootropics have to leave it in a better state than when they arrived. They do this by improving maintenance of brain cells and even sometimes causing the grown of new neurons. Nootropics can also contribute to higher levels of neurotransmitter in the brain and modulate receptors to make them more sensitive. Some of the best nootropics to look at include Piracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept, and Choline – all of which are available for a few cents a day and are used widely around the world (though they have seen slower adoption in the USA).

If you are looking for more info on how these supplements work, check out BestNootropic.org for reviews and additional user advice. You can get started enhancing your brain power today in a safe and effective manner.